Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stacked it!

Happy Hump Day peeps!

How's your week going so far? Mine has been crazy busy, it's flying by!

Well i've had a little hiccup on the training front. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

On Sunday morning, I went outside to feed my neighbour Steves' cat as he has been away on holidays. There's a few metres of uncovered courtyard between my front door and the carport and as it was raining I had to hustle ... fast ... in my thongs (FYI, i do not mean a g-string for all my US readers. Slippers? Jandles? Whatever you call them, they are worn on your FEET!)... next thing i knew i was arse up in the air with cat food in my hand ... slam ... FUCKKKKKKK! ... Stacked it BIG TIME. Grazed my left knee and jarred my left wrist. It bruised and bled up nicely. Not. Three rounds of ice and a lot of Traumeel cream later and the swelling began to subside. Traumeel is seriously amazing stuff. If you have any bruising, swelling, sore muscles. injuries, soft tissue damage etc I definitely recommend it. It halves your recovery time. I swear by it.

Anyway I decided it might be a smart idea to take a few days off normal training and use them as active recovery days. I've been training pretty hardcore for the past 10 weeks, so 3 days (sunday, monday, tuesday) of 5km walking would probably do my body a world of good. I was considering going for a jog yesterday morning, but my poor little knee was still a little bit stiff - still can't pull my left leg back into a full quad stretch yet - so decided against that. Running when injured can cause you to overcompensate on your good leg which can lead to a whole lot of other problems. The last thing I need is a pulled muscle!

So today the knee is feeling about 90%. I am feeling refreshed and ready to kick John's arse (my boxing partner) in BodySlam tonight.

Over and out!


  1. Ouch! Glad you hear you are on the mend!

  2. Thanks Char, the knee should be 100% again by the end of the week!!