Sunday, January 29, 2012

DJ Henry Saiz Boat Party

Well it's another miserable rainy day here in the Sunshine State BUT that hasn't stopped me from having a fucking awesome weekend!

I kicked off (literally) my Saturday with a killer BodySlam class, 1 hour of pure kickboxing. Any exercise to do with leg training is a winner in my books! Then it was off to buy ... a poncho.

Because ...

I had a free ticket to the DJ Henry Saiz Boat Party!!

My friend Greg had asked me to come along because he knows just what a cool person I am how much i love my dance music. Silly boy nearly didn't even make it onto the boat because he had parked at the wrong ferry terminal. 30 minutes late when he had told me he was 20 minutes away, 60 mins before, I could have killed him! And they say women aren't good with directions!

The moment we boarded the boat I knew it was going to be an amazing afternoon cruising down the Brisbane River, even though it was pouring rain! Thank god the whole boat was undercover. The atmosphere was electric with a very cool crowd too. There were only 130 groovers allowed on board which means they were all there for the music unlike all these big festivals these days where people (under 21s! (no offense) ... that makes me feel old now lol) just go to 'be cool' ... and ruin it for everyone else.

The beats were a mix of electronic and progressive house and it wasn't belong before I spotted the other dancers in the boat house. We became friends and spent the next 5 solid hours carving up the dancefloor. Yes that is probably a 1700 calorie plus workout.

DJ Henry Saiz

 Me - Running DANCING WILD!

The boat docked about 5.30pm, then it was a mad dash - in my bright red poncho - in the pouring rain to my car. Home, shower, dinner (I was STARVING), couch, CRASH. What a day - my body was absolutely wrecked (but feeling shredded!) - worth it? HELL YEAH!

So no KP Stairs for me today, it's too dangerous in the rain, i'd hate to slip off the cliff face lol. I might go for a light stroll at the gym later today but I want to be fresh for my power session tomorrow so I'll see how the day pans out.

Peace out!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day Chelle and a great way to burn some cals! I soo need to go to a music festival! I feel absolutely starved lol.

  2. Had a blast babe! I hear the line up for Future is pretty good ... ;-)