Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blitzing the Stairs and Comp Bikinis

Happy Sunday!

5.10 am I woke up ... no alarm clock ... the joys of a full bladder. But hey, i had a nice deep sleep so it must be a sign that I have enough energy in my day to do my favourite chore in the whole wide world ... vacuuming ... NOT.

Well I'm just sipping my banana smoothie (breakfast - 9.30am: i'm never hungry first thing in the morning so there's no point eating anything then!) after coming home from a killer KP Stairs session. I was full of energy this morning and took 3:18mins off last weeks' time! New PB is 21:35mins Woot Woot!! This time I only had one quick drink break after the fifth set and no rest at the top or bottom. AND then after i had finished the 10th set i had a five minute breather, stretched a bit and then decided to do 2 more sets for extra bad*ass*ness ;-) ... I definitely felt the lactic start to build up after those, my legs are now shot!


The week in review:

I've had another great week in the gym. Power sessions are going strong. On Monday one of the power lifters gave me a few pointers on my dead-lifting technique - I wasn't holding the bar wide enough before and therefore I wasn't sitting into the movement properly thus using my arms and lower back too much. I also dropped a little poundage off the bar to ensure I was getting my 'arse to the grass'. It's a waste of time doing 3/4 reps .... (boys who stack on the weight and move their legs an inch *cough cough*). What a difference that little tweak made. Feeling very confident with my form now and know that I am activating the correct muscles!

And i can officially do 1 and 3/4 Pull Ups on my own woohoo. I tried for 2 full ones on friday but just couldn't quite get my chin up above the bar, sooooo close!

On tuesday I had to run on the treadie ... damn that rain ... not a fan of getting wet ... yes I can be a girly girl at times. But I did smash out 8km in 41.15mins. It's been ages since i've done long distance run on the treadmill and boy did I feel it! Trying to get my leg speed up (and keep it up) was bloody hard work, not to mention my feet were killing me - got some blisters to prove it too. I find my feet seem to overheat from the friction of the treadie (after the 4km mark) which caused the blisters (I run in Vibram which means 3mm of tread between my feet and the ground i.e. no cushioning), so back to outdoor running for me, weather permitting. I also prefer the smell of fresh air to that of male B.O. Seriously guys, it is an offense to NOT wear DEODORANT. I have on a few occasions changed treadmills mid run.

BodySlam classes have been INTENSE baby! 50:50 mix of weights to cardio this week with minimal rest. Joss the Boss has been pushing our limits but hey, what an endorphin rush!

I've also noticed my body starting to lean down nicely this week. Some weeks you feel like you're a beefcake you're going nowhere and then suddenly, BAM, the fat melts off! It's exciting to wake up in the morning and notice those little changes. The definition in my back, shoulders and arms is dialing in quite fast, and my waist has decided to play ball too which is A for AWESOME ... usually Ms Sexy Six-pack likes to take a loooooooong holiday. So I'm about 2 weeks away from doing up the top button of my size 6 Cue pin-striped work shorts which is always a good sign. When I am rocking them I know I am getting pretty LEAN!!!!

What else? Well yesterday I thought it was time to peruse the Style on Stage website and check out some comp bikinis. I won't be spending any outrageous $$ on a Swarovski Crystal bikini so for me it's all about selecting the perfect colour. My last two bikinis were Aqua and Turquoise so I want something a little different this year. Bright too!

These three colours have caught my attention:


Plain Lycra - Orchid

Fluoro Orange

Plain Lycra - Fluro Orange


Foiled Circle Lycra with Foil Overprint - Orange (though this one would mean no sequines at all)

What are your thoughts?


  1. Ur looking good gurl. I love the orchid colour. It's beauts!

  2. Thanks babe!! I think I will book in for a fitting so I can see the fabrics in the flesh and make sure it suits by skin! ;-)