Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

OMG isn't this weather the pits!? Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. Queensland is suppose to be the SUNSHINE STATE - beautiful one day, perfect the next! Its more like miserable one day, depressing the next. Rain FUCK OFF!!! Okay, rain rant over.

Well Happy Chinese New Year everybody! I celebrated the year of the dragon in style - a 10 course banquet at The China Sea Restaurant in Milton. Amazing food, and before you ask, it wasn't a gorge fest - i.e. no need to undo all the buttons the top button of your pants because you've spent 3 hours stuffing your face. We had salt and pepper squid, peking duck, san chow bao, serchuan fish, fried rice, scallops with ginger and shallots, green vegies, crispy skin pork and chicken and deep fried icecream. The servings were bite-sized, the perfect amount to taste the food and let the tummy settle before the next course arrived. Satisfied with no belly ache: win for Chelle.


Onto training:

I had another awesome power session Monday morning, still can't quite do 2 full chin ups from a dead hang though... inching closer every session. I also ended up going back to the gym that night. Why? Beacuse I made the mistake of havng a LATE coffee and was still a bundle of energy from a crazy day at work. With the pouring rain outside there was NO WAY I was venturing into it so I decided to go for a 5km stroll on the treadie at gym to wind dowm from my day. I have to say the atmosphere in the gym is electric at night - it was packed, the music was pumping ... and there was a lot of eye candy ... the Serb boys are hot with even hotter bodies ;-)

Yesterday morning was Running Tuesday... on the treadmill AGAIN! I smashed 23 secs off last weeks time - 40.52min. It felt awesome. I'm starting to get my leg speed up again, so should be back to sub 5min/kms in the next couple of weeks!

Well I'd better fly, got my annual performance review this morning!

Have a fab day!!


  1. Bet you smashed that too - nice job on the training xx

  2. Thanks Liz, very happy with my progress so far! Review has been postponed until next week because one of the girls has been flooded in! x