Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blitzing the Stairs!

Hey guys and gals, hope you're having a fab weekend so far! Mine has been A for AWESOME.

Saturday started off with another kick-butt Body Slam class - boxing and sprints, my fav. Total sweatfest. I was so energized after the class that i found myself in a cleaning mission - vacuuming and mopping. The joys of the world ... not. Actually, what motivated me to sanitize the pad was this ginormous lizard that snuck inside as I was opening the door. OMG. I don't do well with reptiles or spiders. It decided to take refuge underneath my lounge. Superb. Anywho after racking my brain how I would get the little fella out, I decided to scare it with the vacuum cleaner. Winner.

Later that afternoon I got a nice suprise. 2 FREE TICKETS to the tennis! The Women's Final of the Brisbane International: Hantuchova vs Kanepi.

So I called my girlfriend Tarsha, and off we went. Great atmosphere, great company, fabulous night.

And that brings us to my Sunday Session. KP Stairs. You may recall that one of my goals this year is to run 10 sets in 25min. Well I shocked myself this morning and took 7:20mins off last weeks' time! 26:10mins is my new PB!

How you may ask? I halved my gasping for air time rest time and doubled the torture fun. Simple. Plus there was a really fit chick bounding up the stairs like it was no big deal, so I couldn't let her get too many sets ahead of me lol.

So it looks like i may just achieve that goal in the next couple of weeks, not 6 to 8 like I had anticipated. Therefore lets make the time to beat 20 mins by end of February. I'm assuming that will mean NO rest period!

Well time to put my feet up, enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Awesome work girl! Sounds like a fab weekend for sure. :-)

  2. Thanks babe it certainly was!!