Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shin Bruises and PBs

Happy Sunday!

I'm loving this cool change the weekend has brought, it makes training sooooo much more enjoyable. Can't say I'm a fan of the drowned rat look lol.

Well training has been going intensely since i checked in last and I am loving every moment of it! As I have now graduated to the big boy weights for dead lifts (45 pounders - my gym uses old school weights) I have experienced the downside ...

Shin bruises ... how attractive.

So arnica cream has become my best friend. I might have to invest in some compression calf sleeves as football socks aint' going to cut it because i wear:


I am a total convert now and there is noooo way I am going back .... to the dark side.

Bruises aside I ran the KP Stairs this morning and guess what? I smashed out a new PB:


I felt really fit and strong this morning. I cut my rest time (at the top and bottom) again and had a drink break after every 3rd set instead of every 2nd. The elusive 20min mark is not too far away now!


I had a lady at the gym ask me the other day, does training ever get any easier? 

In my opinion, easier is probably not the best term to use. As your body becomes fitter and stronger you won't feel like you are about to have a heart attack when you train lol. However, you are able to push yourself a lot harder and experience those exercise induced endorphins like the 'runners high'. (That is why exercise is my drug of choice). I also find when i am fit, I recover a lot faster, enjoy my sessions more and my life resides on cloud 9... so technical I am today.


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