Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to the Grind and Kicking some Arse

Hey ya'll, are you back to the grind yet!? It's my first week back at work after 11 blissful days off and I feel like I have been hit by a semi-trailer. Sooooooo tired ... I don't think missing a nights' sleep on NYE helped either lol. Tiredness aside, I have soldiered on and smashed out 3 killer workouts so far.

Tuesday morning was my Power Session. Power sessions are empowering. I've just finished the third week of my strength program and that is exactly how my body is feeling - STRONG BABY! Got the boulder shoulder thing going on too, they are starting to pop woohoo.

Usually I don't like to do two big sessions in one day but due to the gym being closed on Monday, I CHOSE to get my game face on. So I did a 7km run outside in the arvo. 38.13min. I put up a status on Facebook that night saying how I really enjoy running in the arvo in preference to the morning however, I always run faster in the morning. Why? The general consensus was a) lighter on an empty stomach b) cooler running temperature in the morning. What are your thoughts?

Last nights' training session was BodySlam. Instructor Joss made us very aware that 2012 is the year for getting our arses kicked getting extremely fit. Boxing meets Crossfit. One word - INTENSE. I may have tasted vomit in my throat at multiple stages one stage. So gross.

So today is my rest day. I need it BIG TIME too. Got to rest these little muscles of mine before kicking arse in the gym tomorrow! Anyway I'm off for a massage soon. If you hear some obscenities in the distance that will be me swearing as my quads are being prodded.

Oh and btw, I have a new girl crush...


... on fitness model Ashley Horner. Bad ass and smoking hot.


  1. Chelle, I (used to) run faster in the mornings. Time pressure and I couldnt wait to eat breakfast LOL.

    XX Magda

  2. You've got a very good point there Magda!! ;-)

  3. I don't know if I run faster in the mornings or not :) Loving that kickbutt training attitude!

  4. Me too Liz! Totally in the training ZONE!!