Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smashing the Stairs and Snake Skin Shoes!

Happy Sunday!

Sorry for the delay between posts but I have had a FULL-ON week with work, training and life in general ... no brain cells left over to type a blog post lol.

Since my mini melt down last Sunday, I have had a pretty awesome week on the training front:

Monday - Power training
Tuesday - 1 and a bit hour City walk
Wednesday - 7km outdoor run on the grass - 36:53mins AM and Bodyslam PM (I usually don't do two big sessions in one day but because I SLEPT IN on tuesday morning I wasn't going to attempt to run outside at 8am ... umm heat stroke anyone?
Thursday - Rest Day aka MASSAGE DAY!
Friday - Power training and BodyGroove. Instructor Jos has put together the most wicked set of tracks, the dancing is an 11/10 on the scale of sexy, kick-arse moves!
Saturday - BodySlam - weights circuit with a 4km run/walk.

and that brings us to SUNDAY ...

On a side note, I have been experimenting with the meal timing of my dinner the past few days and have made a little discovery. The further away from bedtime I eat my last meal I:

1. Have a deeper sleep;
2. Wake up energized and completely refreshed i.e i don't press SNOOZE ten zillion times;
3. Look even leaner in the mirror, less bloat; and
3. Train like a BOSS!

So back to my story. I had eaten dinner quite early yesterday, 5ish, and woke up this morning feeling lean and PUMPED! I got down to the cliffs just after 7am this morning. Perfect training temperature. NOT TOO HOT! I warmed up and then SMASHED 45 seconds off last weeks PB - 20:23mins baby!

I'm fit enough now to not rest between any of the first 10 sets. Every now and then I got held up a bit by WALKERS who don't know the fuckin stair rules - LET THE RUNNER PASS! After my 10th set I had a breather for about 3 or 4 minutes, then was a total bada$$ and did an extra 4 bonus sets. Set 11 and 12 were ok, but I was feeling the lactic in set 13 and 14. My quads were on fire! By the time I finished I was absolutely fucked seeing stars lol but feeling pretty on top of the world.

So after my mammoth effort this morning I caught up with my highschool friends for brunch at Mud Dessert Bar in Bulimba ... and before you ask, I didn't have dessert for breakfast. They do the most amazing food, a little pricier than most cafes but definitely worth the extra coin. I had soft poached eggs on gluten-free bread with pesto, sauteed field mushrooms and grilled tomato. So good!

Training aside, I invested in bought a hot pair of Snake Skin Wedges from Nine West:

I live in wedges for work, they give you the height to make your calves pop without killing your feet like a pair of heels.

Rocking them out.

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend, I'm gonna go crash for a bit. Shattered much!


  1. GREAT workouts and love love LOVE the shoes!!!

  2. Thanks Mel! And yes I can't wait to wear them to work today!!